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The Robin Hood Country Day School Nursery School Program was established in 1957. The school runs from September to June, for three and four year olds. We are registered by the New York State Department of Education and have an absolute charter from them to operate a nursery school during the year and a summer program for 3-14 year olds during July and August.

The three and four year olds have a choice of a 5 day morning session. The afternoon session is offered on a three or five day basis. The rates for these sessions are on the enrollment application.

  Educational Philosophy

Our curriculum focuses on the needs of the individual child. Ultimately the goal is to meet the child's needs emotionally, intellectually and socially and to enhance the child's self-image. The child will be prepared for Kindergarten with a program to develop readiness skills in an atmosphere that encourages learning through play and hands-on experience. In the supportive classroom environment the child will meet situations that will teach him/her how to deal with frustration, build confidence, learn responsibility and cope with fears. The child will establish relationships with peers, learn to interact and most importantly, to share. We will accomplish these goals with a program rich in varied learning experiences. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of materials to enrich our curriculum and provide your child with games, toys and equipment of the finest quality available in our field.

Our program of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music and Outdoor Play facilities the active involvement of the child in the learning process. In conclusion our objectives will instill a positive feeling towards school and learning and encourage a spirit of curiosity and inquiry in the individual child. Our teachers are licensed in Early Childhood Education by the New York State Department of Education.

What makes our school unique are special programs in addition to our broad based Nursery School Curriculum. These programs are sports, science, dance and movement, and computer. Our curriculum is flexible and geared to the development of the whole child. Learning is fun when children are actively involved in meaningful learning experiences. This stage of childhood is very precious and the growth is so amazing. We pride ourselves on our communication with our parents through periodic newsletters, phone calls, conferences and visits. We are always open to and welcome parental involvement.

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